Fly-Tipped   Waste Collections


In 2004/2005 over a million incidents of fly-tipping was recorded, on average 88,500 per month.

Fly-tipped waste:-

  • Poses a threat to humans, wildlife and the environment.

  • Costs in excess of £44 million to investigate and clean up

  • The cost falls on taxpayers and private landowners

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Fly-Tipping is the illegal deposit of waste onto land, or and waste dump or tipped onto a site with no licence to accept waste. Fly-tipped waste generally consists of large items of rubbish that are dumped illegally on land instead of being disposed of properly at a landfill site or tip.

What Vision Waste can do for you?

Our tailor and convenient waste collection service is used by many of the UK leading Waste Management companies from one-off collections to a regular account service. 

We divert 90% of the waste we collect from Landfill, recycling what we can.

We offer the a 3, 6 & 12 hour quick and emergency response collection to ensure your waste is removed fast and efficiently.